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How CBD Benefits Animals' Mental Health

How CBD Benefits Animals' Mental Health


Our pets are truly members of the family. Their loyalty, love, and adorable faces provide the entire household with so much joy. Many of us would do anything to help our pets live happy and active lives. That's why millions are turning to CBD oil for their pets' mental health. How does CBD benefit our furry friends?

Soothes Separation Stress 

We are our pets' whole worlds. As sweet as it sounds, this responsibility is a lot of pressure on a pet owner. 

Many animals experience separation stress when their human leaves the house. Pet owners never know if they're going to come home to ravaged garbage cans or torn couch cushions. 

Animals don't understand that we have work or social lives—because we are their work and social lives. 

They get lonely and miss out on mental stimulation when we’re gone. As a result, they'll howl, scratch, and chew their frustrations away. 

Our absence disrupts the balance (homeostasis) in our pets' lives. Whenever homeostasis is imbalanced, it triggers cells' cannabinoid receptors. 

Cannabinoid receptors let the brain know that things aren't "normal." In turn, your pet may exhibit stressed behavior until homeostasis is restored. Typically, that's when the pet owner comes home. 

Phytocannabinoids in CBD oil relax these excited receptors. Give your animal pet chews about a half-hour before you leave. They will develop a calmer mindset that should last until you get home. 

Maintains Bone and Joint Health

Nobody likes seeing their pets age. Your pets don't like seeing themselves age, either. 

Mental health issues in animals become increasingly common as they age. They can become frustrated about physical limitations that happen to their bodies. 

Animals don't express discomfort in the same ways as humans do. Therefore, we have no idea how long they've been feeling stiffness in their joints or in their bones. 

Since they can't communicate their discomfort or feelings, animals' behaviors will change to reflect their somber moods. Pay attention to displayed lethargy. Notice if food or toys are starting to lose their attention. 

CBD oil can help improve their disposition. It can also support some underlying reasons that might be influencing your pets' behaviors.

Cells near their joints and bones also have cannabinoid receptors. When your animal experiences stiffness, cannabinoid receptors communicate these issues. In these moments, your pet might display tiredness or appear stressed.

Phytocannabinoids soothe these cannabinoid receptors. In turn, your animal will move with more comfort. This change in neural conversation will improve your animal's temperament and bring back their spark.

Promotes Healthy Sleep 

Animals may look like they are lounging all day, but many remain on guard. This protective nature can cause your animal to experience high stress. 

Stress triggers animals' inert fight-or-flight instincts. These feelings are dictated by hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol. Adrenaline and cortisol keep animals alert and playful. 

At night, there are fewer perceived threats in nature because everybody is going to sleep. During this time, your animal should let its defenses down and catch some Zs. 

However, overly stimulated animals still have high levels of stress hormones in their systems. These hormones trigger cannabinoid receptors, prompting your animal to work out stressed energy, including spurts of high energy during the night.

CBD oil calms those receptors, letting the system know that there are no threats. Stress hormones naturally decrease, allowing your animal (and the whole house) restful sleep. 

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