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Give 50%, Get $20? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Referring Your Friends

Give 50%, Get $20? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Referring Your Friends


Do you know someone who could benefit from premium CBD?

Do you have a grandparent searching for muscle and joint support, a pal looking to get a good night’s sleep, or a sibling who could use a little extra calm in their life? CBD offers an array of benefits for just about anyone.

If you’re already a Joy Organics customer and you want to share these incredible benefits with someone you care about, our Refer a Friend program is an easy way to spread Joy and health while earning your way to FREE products. 

With our upgraded Refer a Friend offer, you can give your friends 50% off their first purchase at Joy Organics. To say thank you, we’ll also give you $20 in store credit. 

Our goal has always been to get CBD into as many hands as possible because we’ve already seen this amazing plant compound improve thousands of lives. If you’re interested in joining us in that mission while also earning store credit, here are some tips for getting the most out of Joy Organics’ Refer a Friend program.

Ways to Share

On our Refer a Friend page, we offer a variety of ways to share your unique referral link. We use these links to track successful referrals to ensure you receive credit for anyone you bring to Joy Organics. 

We recommend using your favorite platform for communicating with your friends or family, whether that’s WhatsApp, email, Messenger, Facebook, or text.

Sharing on Email

Sharing your referral link via email is simple. Visit our Refer a Friend page and enter your friends’ email addresses in the “email” field. Click “Send” and your friend will receive an email with the offer enclosed. 

Sharing on WhatsApp

To share on WhatsApp, visit our Refer a Friend page and click the WhatsApp icon in the bottom right corner. 

Sharing on Facebook

Sharing on Facebook is two clicks away. Visit our Refer a Friend page and click the Facebook icon in the bottom right corner. Don’t forget to share how CBD has improved your life. 

Sharing on Facebook Messenger

To share on Facebook Messenger, visit our Refer a Friend page and click the Messenger icon in the bottom right corner. Personalize for each of your recipients and share away!

Sharing on Twitter

To share on Twitter, click the Twitter icon in the bottom right corner on our Refer a Friend page. Personalize your message and tweet!

Sharing on Other Platforms

If your friends don’t use any of the above platforms, you can always copy your special referral link by visiting our Refer a Friend page and selecting “copy link.” After copying your link, you can easily share Joy via text or any other messaging platform. 

Share Your Personal Story

Nothing will be more compelling to your friends than your personal experience with Joy Organics CBD.

For those still unsure of this new industry, personal stories help to reduce uncertainty; they also offer an opportunity to connect on a personal level with someone you care about. Regardless of the platform you use to refer your friends, be sure to reach out personally and share how CBD has benefited you and others you know.

Don’t Share Within Your Household

The platform we utilize for our Refer a Friend program doesn’t allow referrals to occur within the same IP address (same household).

The referral offer is also not available if the customer referred has already placed an order with Joy Organics.

How Store Credit Works

With each successful referral, we’ll notify you via email, and you’ll earn $20 in store credit (200 loyalty points). You can apply your store credit at checkout. There’s no limit on the number of people you can refer, so you can quickly earn your way to free Joy Organics products.

There are also no rules for using store credit, and it can be applied toward the purchase of anything on the Joy Organics website. 

Whether you have one friend or dozens who could benefit from high-quality CBD products, our Refer a Friend program offers an easy way to spread Joy to those who need it most. Start sharing today!

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