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7 Keys to Aging Gracefully

7 Keys to Aging Gracefully


No need to go searching—the fountain of youth is inside of you! Remember, you are only as old or as young as you feel. When you feel good on the inside, you will radiate confidence and beauty on the outside, too. Age like fine wine and glow up with these seven tips!

1. Stay Hydrated

Water is essential for life. It nourishes our cells so they can perform optimally. Maintaining hydration will help detoxify the body, promote healthy skin growth, and aid in nutrient absorption. 

If your body doesn't get enough water, it will slow down certain physiological processes. This roadblock can actually accelerate the aging process. So, try to drink eight glasses of water per day! 

2. Keep Moving

As we get older, we lose collagen and elastin in our skin. Exercising helps tighten the skin by filling the remaining area with muscle.

Also, exercise is great for heart health. This benefit is crucial because cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death.

When your heart gets moving, blood gets pumping. Fresh blood will help rejuvenate skin cells so you can maintain your youthful appearance. 

3. Lower Your Stress

Stress can significantly contribute to the aging process. While small bouts of daily stress are normal—even healthy—too much chronic stress can be troublesome. 

Excessive stress can comprise your mental health. Focusing on stress can cause brain fog that eventually debilitates your cognitive function. 

Boost your mental power by meditating and taking walks outdoors. Spend time with people you care about and participate in hobbies that you enjoy.  

Also, try to carve out some more time for self-care. Do nice things for yourself once in a while. 

4. Eat Balanced Meals

The Western diet is not conducive to graceful aging. It is abundant with foods that are crafted with artificial ingredients, preservatives, and saturated fats.

Try eating leaner proteins, like nuts, seeds, tofu, and fish. Fish, in particular, is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s help offset the excessive amounts of omega-6 fatty acids present in the typical Western diet.

Also, consume adequate fiber. Fiber helps eliminate toxins from our body that can expedite the aging process. 

Lastly, make sure you consume complex carbohydrates. Complex carbs provide our bodies and cells with the energy necessary to crush the day. Some of the healthiest complex carbs include sweet potatoes, squash, and legumes.  

5. Tend to Your Skin

The skin is our largest organ, as it protects our body from pathogens that can threaten our health. As our first line of defense, our skin takes a beating. 

As mentioned earlier, we lose our collagen and elastin as we age. It suffices to say, our skin needs all the support it can get!

Make sure you moisturize daily using products crafted with only natural ingredients. Stay away from toxic chemicals and artificial ingredients that can cause allergic reactions or disrupt your hormones. 

Also, be kind to your skin. Cool down the use of hot showers that dry out your skin. Be sure to moisturize after showering or bathing, too!

6. Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep is the daily reset button that our body needs. It gives our cells time to replenish themselves. Plus, sleep gives our active mind a break, which can help with stress management. 

Sleep is also crucial for forming your memory. Your brain scans through all the information it collected throughout the day. Then, it decides what's pertinent to be used in the future. Getting adequate sleep is essential for maintaining gray matter in the brain.

Try sticking with a regular sleep schedule to create healthy patterns. Limit your use of screens such as TV or your phone about two hours before bed to prevent blue light from confusing your biological clock. 

7. Use CBD Oil 

Aging has never felt as good as it does with CBD oil! CBD oil is the perfect daily companion for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, no matter your age.

CBD softgels provide daily wellness support. Phytocannabinoids in CBD softgels calm cannabinoid receptors throughout the body. These receptors influence many physical and mental functions.

Applying CBD topicals to your skin is another way to support healthy aging on an as-needed basis. CBD soothes cannabinoid receptors that might influence skin problems. In addition, CBD is rich in healthy fats that moisturize dry skin and nurture healthy skin cells, keeping you looking and feeling youthful! 

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