Joy Organics is Hosting the Biggest CBD Event of the Year

The team at Joy Organics is hosting an event on Friday, February 15th that will offer customers our biggest discounts of the year, and with every purchase, we will provide a displaced child with breakfast and lunch for an entire month. The passion to serve both local and global communities is the driving force behind…

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What Is CBD and Why Is the World in Love with It?

3 letters are making a huge impact across mainstream headlines. They are CBD. This ingredient is being added to everything from lotions to cocktails. So, what has caused this huge wave of CBD products? Why has the world fallen in love with CBD? Kristen Coffield of the Culinary Cure stopped by Good Morning Washington and…

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7 Post-Workout CBD Recipes

Post-Workout CBD Recipes

Everyone has their workout routine. For those who are serious about gettin’ their fitness on, they turn to a post-workout treat. Why not? You just worked pretty hard! Even better, this reward comes with benefits. Post-workout nutrition is essential to help your body restore some of the energy exerted during your session. One of the…

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Why Are Wax and Chlorophyll Removed From CBD Products?

Wax and Chlorophyll Removed From CBD Products

At Joy Organics, we are passionate about using the whole plant when making broad spectrum hemp oil. Not only is this is a more sustainable practice, but it allows for additional nutrients to be present in the final product. The leaves, seeds and stems of hemp plants have distinct compounds that the others don’t have….

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How Does CBD Water Stack Up Against More Traditional Methods?

How Does CBD Water Stack Up

Edibles. CBD tinctures. Vape pens. There are so many CBD products out there, it can be overwhelming for those new to this area in wellness. If only consuming CBD products were as easy as drinking water! Well, now it literally is. CBD water is a thing, and it’s actually a pretty neat idea. But how…

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