2018 was an excellent year for the CBD market. With the legalization of growing hemp, the CBD industry saw a big boom; the wave continues to ride high into 2019. The CBD field is a growing market already full of compassionate, innovative and intelligent entrepreneurs. They have fought tirelessly to educate the world on CBD and bring hemp to the forefront of wellness.

As a CBD company, we wouldn’t be where we are today without the knowledge and guidance of our peers. That is why we are humbled and honored that Joy Organics was named one of the Top 20 CBD Oils of 2019 by CBD Hacker. Coming in at a respectable number two, Joy Organics CBD Tinctures also received recognition as the Best THC-Free CBD Oil. We couldn’t feel more privileged to represent our community with this prestigious honor.

What Is the CBD Hacker Top 20?

CBD products are currently unregulated. Therefore, consumers must do their due diligence before purchasing any CBD products. Otherwise, they run the risk of buying an inferior product or an illegal substance.

Due to the lack of regulation and influx of CBD products hitting the mainstream markets, CBD Hacker decided to test out some of the top companies in the market. They posted their findings in a thorough report to help their readers determine which CBD oils were best suited for their needs.

CBD Hacker released a list of top CBD oils last year. They paid close attention to feedback from the prior year’s results, growing trends and upcoming brands. Weighing all of these factors, CBD Hacker formulated a new-and-improved ranking system to evaluate their Top 20 CBD Oils this year.

What Is the Criteria for the CBD Hacker Top 20?

When it comes to wellness products, much is subjective. We are all unique individuals who react to supplements differently. That’s why the personal opinion of the product itself wasn’t the only variable that came into play when determining the rankings.

According to the CBD Hacker website, their panel took into consideration:

  • Company’s business practices.
  • Customer service.
  • Third-party testing.
  • Price.
  • Blind taste test.

CBD Hacker looked at the companies as a whole. They went through the normal customer process and judged each CBD company every step of the way. Let’s take a look at how Joy Organics fared in these departments.

How Joy Organics Ranked

The judges at CBD Hacker tried out our Summer Lemon CBD Tincture. For us, the buyer experience doesn’t begin when a customer starts using the products. It begins the moment they check out our website. That is why we were delighted to see we received a 100% satisfaction for customer service.

The breakdown of our ranking is as follows:

  • Product Quality & Value: 96%
  • User Experience: 97%
  • Customer Service: 100%
  • Reputation: 85%
  • Transparency and Accuracy: 98%

As CBD Hacker pointed out, Joy Organics has only been in operation for just over a year. While that hurt the company in the reputation department, CBD Hacker was quick to point out, “In that short time, they’re already making a big splash with their organic ingredients and exemplary customer service.”

CBD Hacker described the Summer Lemon CBD Tincture’s flavor as a “crystal clear” with a citrus aroma.” They finished off their tasting notes with “natural lemon taste.”

In their conclusion, CBD Hacker noted, “We loved the fresh, natural flavor of their ‘Summer Lemon’ tincture. And with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and free shipping, they make it easy to find the right product for you.” Combined with the fact that CBD Hacker calculated that our CBD oil is just $0.12 per milligram, you are looking at a load of benefits and a ton of savings. Experience what CBD Hacker did for yourself and try our Summer Lemon CBD Tinctures today.

Todd Smith, co-founder of Joy Organics, shares some insight about when he, Joy and their son started the company. He loves helping people, whether they be consumers of CBD products or partners that want to take advantage of the ever-growing CBD industry. That’s why he’s sharing 10 important steps to starting your CBD business.

1. Name Your Business

The first thing you need to do in starting your own CBD business is to determine what name you’re going use. Smith advises that you do not include CBD, hemp or cannabis in your name as it can create red flags for your bank and cause other completely unnecessary problems for you.

In addition, you don’t know where your business is going to be five years from now. Right now, less than 5% of the plants worldwide have been tested for their benefits, so your business may evolve over the next several years to a point where you’re not just selling CBD. You don’t want a name that’s going to limit you.

woman writing in a small notebookAnother thing Smith recommends in picking a name is that it be an easy name to remember and an easy name to spell. Imagine one of your customers telling their friend about your brand. You want to make sure that when they tell their friend about your brand, it’s a name that their friend can remember and easily spell. He recommends your name not include more than two words (for example, Joy Organics).

There are a lot of ways you can go about choosing a name. You can brainstorm with your family and friends, but once you narrow down a list of names, go to GoDaddy.com and make sure the .com domain is available for your name.

If your domain is taken and there isn’t a website yet, you could go to the WHOIS database at the bottom of the GoDaddy webpage to see if the current domain name owner would be willing to give or sell the domain name to you. Make sure it’s easy to remember and easy to spell, but also make sure it’s something that’s “evergreen” or that it can be more than just CBD.

2. Set Up Your Business Entity

Next, you’ll want to set up your business entity. Joy Organics started our business entity through LegalZoom, where we set up an LLC for the company. Smith set up the LLC on their platform in less than five minutes, so it’s a lot easier than trying to find a lawyer and spending three times as much setting up your business entity.

Smith’s advice is to set up the entity as the same name as the business. For example, Joy Organics was set up as Joy Organics, LLC. A lot of people choose names and then get a DBA (“Doing Business As”), which may be unnecessary. Once you’ve got your business name, set up your LLC under the same name to save on additional paperwork.

3. Design Your Logo

The third step is to design your official logo. Now that you’ve got your paperwork going, you want to get a logo designed. Smith recommends 99Designs.com for the versatility and sheer options available through it. Of course, you can also find freelance designers in a variety of places.

On 99Designs, you give them your name, any special colors or design requests and then designers all over the world will design your logo. You can indicate which ones you like, which is made visible to all the designers. The other designers, seeing which ones you like, can sharpen their logo to try to fit your creative vision more precisely. After a few days, you’ll have an exceptional logo that ends up being far less expensive than hiring a single designer to design your logo.

4. Open a Bank Account

Hopefully, by now you have your logo designed, your LLC  is getting set up and you have gotten your EIN (Employee Identification Number). You’ll want to go to your bank and explain that you’re in the health and wellness industry before setting up a business bank account. It’s important not to mention that it’s a CBD or hemp-related business as that sets off many red flags for banks.

5. Apply for a Merchant Account

Once your bank account is set up and you have your EIN, you can apply for a merchant account. Make sure you have a special CBD merchant processor. Smith provides specific advice on how you can learn more about merchant processing, but you want to make sure you get your merchant processor with a bank that specifically does CBD processing. Keep in mind that it likely won’t be your bank that does this type of processing, so it’s best not to speak about it with them.

6. Select a Good Partner from Whom Your Purchase Your Product

joy organics lemon and orange tinctures against white woodThis is where Joy Organics can come into play. You want to make sure you’re offering a line of high-quality CBD products that result in a high reorder. If not, you’re going to have some problems. If you’re not selling a high enough quality CBD product, you’re going to have a higher return or refund request rate. You’ll have people returning the product or making disputes with your merchant processor.

If your chargebacks hit one percent, you run the risk of getting shut down in the CBD business. Your merchant processor will shut you down and, once rejected from one CBD merchant processor, you get rejected from them all.

Nothing speaks higher of Joy Organics products than the reorder rate. After the four or five month mark of being open, already over 50% of the people who entered the store were return customers, with the next highest percentage being people from referrals. Doctors, personal trainers, chiropractors and every professional out there are recommending people to Joy Organics.

Understand, cheap is cheap. Cheap results in returns, chargebacks and a nightmare of a business you don’t want to have. With quality comes value that makes the product worth it.

7. Build a Website

The next step to starting your successful CBD business is to build a website. Smith recommends using a website template. You can pull it up on your phone, tablet or a computer and it looks good. Using a template means just dragging and dropping your original media and written content in the right places. Smith even encourages using content similar to the Joy Organics website if you’re not sure how to personalize your brand. However, make sure to rewrite the information in a way where you’re not just clearly copying and pasting the content, as Google will make a negative strike on your website.

8. Secure Social Media Handles

tablet with social media icons that a hand is interacting withJust as important as securing the domain name for your business is securing the social media names. Make sure you have a social media handle that will stick out but stay consistent across social media platforms. It’s best if you can use exactly what your business name is, but if it’s already taken, you might try adding a word to it that’s relevant (such as “hemp,” “CBD” or even just “official”).

Make it a priority to secure all the social media platforms that you want to market your business on. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, YouTube and countless others. Just as important, though, is to remember not to stretch yourself too thin. Stick to a select number of social media platforms that you can consistently and often engage on rather than trying to use them all.

9. Find a Fulfillment Company

If you’re marketing the Joy Organics brand already, this step is easy. We’ll ship the product to you, and you’ll distribute it however you want to distribute it. If you want to develop your own line of branded products with Joy Organics, then you would need to find a fulfillment company that can ship those products. You can either ship them from your home or you can find a fulfillment company.

10. Build a Marketing Strategy

The tenth step to starting your business is to put together your marketing strategy. The number one question Smith often gets is, “Hey Todd, how can I market my products?”

However, there are thousands of ideas and ways to market. The best part of the CBD industry is you can use pretty much all of them. A wide-open industry, it all boils down to you and how you can be creative with your marketing methods.

To start, build a list of 20 ways to market your company — really, 20 ways. The first four or five ways are going to be easy, but as the list gets longer you’ll start struggling to come up with marketing methods that are still effective and can work for your brand. Once you hit close to 20, you’ll end up finding the marketing method that’s going to be bigger than any other method you use. There’s no set formula for marketing in the CBD world as of yet, so challenge yourself to be creative and think outside the box.

Think of all the different possibilities for how you can market your business. If you do, you’ll stumble along the real money-maker that works. Remember, you can be great at anything, but you can’t be great at everything. Pick a marketing method or two that works for your brand and specialize in that to watch your CBD business thrive.

woman sitting on grass looking out at hills and mountains in distance

Feel like it’s impossible to slow down and focus on what you’re doing in the present moment? You’re definitely not alone.

Let’s be real. Distractions are everywhere and focus isn’t something most of us do well.

The thing is, the ability to focus is critical for success in life. If we have difficulty focusing, every aspect of our life suffers — relationships, work, our health and more. Have you ever stopped to think what an incredible shift you would experience if you practiced the act of focusing?

Welcome to mindful living, something that can be incredible for improving focus and much, much more.

What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness. It’s something we all possess but don’t necessarily practice regularly. Simply put, mindfulness is focusing your attention on what you’re doing in the present moment.

According to Jon Kabat-Zinn, who founded Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction in 1979, “mindfulness is awareness that arises from paying attention, on purpose, to the present moment, non-judgmentally.”

Mindfulness is the ability to stay focused in the present no matter what it is that you’re doing. Mindfulness allows us to be in the here and now. And when we’re in the here and now, it’s a lot easier to focus on what we’re doing.

Think of mindfulness as being in the flow of the present moment. It’s the conscious direction of our thoughts to whatever we’re doing right now.

Sounds easy enough, right? Sure. But most of us don’t do it. Our minds and the millions of random thoughts we have tend to take over. Rather than staying present in whatever task we’re doing, we end up obsessively thinking about things that happened in the past or what might happen in the future. Welcome to one of the main reasons we become stressed out and can’t focus.

Here’s the thing, though. We can bring a state of mindfulness to anything.

Taking a shower, walking the dog, making breakfast or dinner, doing the dishes, doing the laundry, driving to work, engaging in our work, working out…everything we do can be seen as an opportunity to practice mindfulness.

The Benefits of Mindfulness for Increased Focus

The benefits mindfulness has on focus are truly unprecedented. If you’re interested in improving your ability to focus and concentrate, you should definitely be thinking about how to incorporate more mindfulness into your life.

Check out the following benefits of the art of “paying attention on purpose to what’s happening in the present moment.”

Mindfulness Can Help Restructure the Brain

Were you aware that practicing mindfulness can actually change the structure of your brain?

In 2011, Harvard University Medical School researchers studied mindfulness by looking at magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) during an eight-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program.

What researchers discovered at the end of the eight-week study was nothing short of amazing. Not only did participants report that they experienced several cognitive benefits, but MRIs showed that there were significant physical differences in the grey matter density in the brain.

What exactly did these brain images show?

  • Differences in brain structure in areas responsible for self-awareness, compassion and introspection.
  • Decreased grey matter density in the amygdala, an almond-shaped structure in the frontal lobe that is responsible for stress and anxiety.
  • Increased grey matter density in the hippocampus, which is a part of the brain associated with memory and learning.

Seeing that mindfulness can literally restructure the brain, it’s easy to imagine how it could seriously promote more focus.

Mindfulness Can Help Improve Overall Well-Being

When we’re focused on what’s happening in the moment as it’s happening, it’s pretty difficult to get caught up in other thoughts.

girl sticking her head out of car window while driving down roadImagine a reality where you’re fully engaged in what you’re doing, whether that be your professional life, personal life or activities you love.

Rather than thinking the countless incessant thoughts about everything but what we’re actually doing, we instead become fully engaged in it.

Doing so would dramatically improve your overall wellbeing, which would do wonders for improving your concentration.

No regret about what has happened in the past. No worry about what might happen in the future. Just full attention on what is happening right now. Engaged. Present. And fully aware.

Reduce Stress and Ease Anxiety

Stressed out? Anxious? So is everyone else.

Stress and anxiety are two of the biggest things that make it feel impossible to focus.

Mindfulness can help. It invites us to be aware of the present moment as it’s happening. It can allow us to become more aware of our thoughts and emotions and be less reactive when they arise.

If you’re someone who struggles with anxiety, mindfulness can help you ease into a state of non-reaction, which can help tremendously with anxiety levels.

And when you’re not anxious, guess what? It’s far easier to focus.

Increasing Focus Through Mindfulness

One of the best ways increase your focus and ability to concentrate is by practicing mindfulness.

Here’s something to think about.

We have the ability to control our thoughts. And we can control where our attention goes by controlling our thoughts. We can choose to keep our thoughts in the present moment by living in a state of mindfulness.

When working, mindfulness helps us to focus and concentrate on our work in that moment. When engaged with others in our personal relationships, mindfulness allows us to be fully present with the other person. When studying, mindfulness allows us to focus our attention on what it is we’re learning and keep our concentration centered on the task at hand.

5 Ways to Promote Focus and Mindfulness

1. Embrace Mindfulness from the Moment You Wake Up

One way to promote focus and mindfulness is to begin the moment you wake up. For most of us, the alarm goes off and we start immediately thinking of what we have to do that day, what happened the day before or what pressing matters are pertinent in our lives.

Embracing mindfulness from the moment you wake up is a simple concept once you have it down. When you wake up, tell yourself “I am waking up” and simply be present in the moment of waking up. When your mind starts to wander, bring yourself back to the present moment as you start the day. Don’t think about yesterday. Don’t obsess on what didn’t go the way you wanted. Just be fully present starting out your day. It could go something like this:

I am waking up. I am thankful for a new day. I am listening to the birds chirping outside my window. I am sitting up in bed. I am getting out of bed and am mindful of my feet on the floor. I am standing up and walking to the bathroom. I am making coffee. I am drinking my coffee, aware of the sensation of the cup to my lips, the warm liquid in my mouth, the taste on my palette and the sensation of swallowing each sip. I am turning the water on to take a shower. I am in the shower and allowing myself to experience the sensation of the warm water and am fully present as I cleanse my body. I am getting dressed. I am walking to the car. I am getting in the car. I am starting the car. I am driving to work.

See how you can shift your thought process to focus on exactly what is happening in the present moment as it unfolds? Begin to practice mindfulness from the moment you wake up each day and you’ll begin to promote more focus and mindfulness throughout each moment every day.

2. Start the Day Out with Some CBD

Joy Organics tincture in green drinkAs part of embracing mindfulness from the moment you wake up, you can start the day out with some CBD. CBD can be used to help maintain your sense of focus throughout the day.

Feeling anxious and stressed out can make it extremely difficult to be mindful and focus on what you’re doing in the present moment. By supporting relaxation with CBD, it’s easier to embrace each moment as it unfolds.

As part of your mindful morning, you might consider taking CBD. While everyone is different when it comes to the effects of CBD, it may be the perfect addition to your routine.

3. Focus on One Thing at a Time

One of the most effective ways to promote focus and mindfulness is to focus on one thing at a time. While it might sound easy enough in concept, most of us aren’t doing it.

Think about it. When you do the dishes, are you really focused on the fact that this is all you’re doing in the present moment? When you work on a task, are you focused only on that task or are you thinking of other things? When you take the dog for a walk, are you simply walking the dog or are you fixated on other thoughts?

Most of us do not focus on one thing at a time. This is the premise of mindfulness, however, and can do wonders to improve your focus. How exactly do you do this when most of us are accustomed to giving in to the incessant thoughts we have all day? Bring yourself back to the present moment as much as possible.

4. Come Back to the Present Moment Each Time You Find Your Mind Wandering

Incorporating focus and mindfulness into your everyday life becomes possible when you bring yourself back to the present moment every time you find your mind has begun to wander from whatever it is you’re doing in the present moment.

Let’s go back to the idea of doing the dishes. It’s a simple task that most of us engage in on a regular basis. The next time you’re doing the dishes and you find your mind begins to wander to something else, bring yourself back to what you’re doing. The plate in your hand, the warm water, the action of washing and rinsing, then putting it in the rack to dry.

When you find yourself thinking about what happened at work, or what your boss said, or the fight you had with your boyfriend, or the test you have to study for, or the fact that you haven’t done the laundry, or sent that email, or the countless other thoughts that can captivate our minds and taking us out of what we’re doing in the now, simply bring yourself back to the present. Begin to practice this every time your mind wanders, and you’ll find focus and mindfulness begin to take precedence over those incessant thoughts.

5. Practice Sitting Meditation

Did you know that people who meditate regularly are believed to have the ability to decrease brain activity associated with the wandering mind? Research shows that people who meditate (compared to non-meditators) have more stability in the posteromedial cortex, an area of the brain that is associated with mind-wandering and spontaneous thought.

Sitting meditation is one of the simplest concepts that exits. All you need to do is sit and focus on breathing in and breathing out. If you’ve never meditated before, you’ll find your mind wanders…A LOT. The more you practice, however, the more you’ll find you can focus on each breath moving slowly in and gently out of your body.

If you’re new to meditation, you’ll find there are tons of resources that can help. From meditation apps to guided meditation audios online, there is a wealth of resources that can help you get started with a regular meditation practice. Doing so is something that can have a profound effect on promoting focus and mindfulness.

We live in a world where distractions are everywhere. Want to increase your focus and live more mindfully? We can’t say we blame you. The power of focus and mindfulness can truly be life-changing.

If at first the practice of mindfulness doesn’t come easily, give it some time. Bring yourself back to what you’re doing in the present moment as many times as it takes until it’s something that comes to you naturally. We’ve seen the results in our own lives and understand personally just how powerful the shift can be.

Do you regularly practice mindfulness in your own life? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

Our co-founder, Todd Smith, is considered an influencer and expert in the field of CBD and CBD business and would like to share what he thinks is the number one challenge that most new entrepreneurs have when starting their own CBD business: How are they going to market their CBD products?

There’s a lot of different options, and let’s just start with this — right now, the entire market is wide open. It’s not about finding a niche within the CBD industry. It’s estimated to be a $22 billion industry by 2022; just dive right in and don’t worry about specializing to just one group.

We are currently at the beginning of this CBD movement, a fact that you might be trying to take advantage of with this very advice.

The industry is filling up fast, though. Joy Organics offers Wholesale and Private Label Partnership Programs and has helped launch 80 new private label CBD and hemp brands. We’re working with a lot of people who are starting their own business and we also have a lot of partners that we set up months ago. 

As Todd watches both new and returning partners throughout the months, he’s able to see patterns for what makes a successful brand and what makes a newbie so obvious.

Start Out with a Physical Location

Number one is that anyone who has a location where they can physically sell the product always has the highest reorder rate, which means their rate of success if almost guaranteed. Whether it’s a doctor’s office, a pain clinic, an addiction clinic, a pharmacy, a pet store, a head shop or whatever type of business out there that can sell a CBD product, physical locations win over customers a lot more easily than businesses solely selling online.

shop sign hanging in glass doorwayThe fact that you have a physical location is not the reason people buy your product, though —it’s because people want to talk to somebody.

At our Fort Collins location, for example, you can ask almost all the customers who walk through the doors how they discovered Joy Organics, and they’ll likely all tell you they discovered us online.

Even though they discovered us through their website, where they could have easily purchased the product and had it shipped straight to their door with free shipping, they would rather fight through traffic, struggle to find parking, cruise on into the store and speak with someone face to face because that’s what sells a product. Human interaction and flawless friendly service are what takes your business from average to absolutely extraordinary.

Any place where people can go and learn about CBD products are far out-selling the CBD companies that are solely setting up eCommerce websites on the subject.

Capitalize On Your Strengths

Todd also advises you to look at what you’re particularly good at. Look at what your strengths are — what makes you unique and different. What gifts do you have? Then, how can you most effectively build your brand of CBD products? How can you most effectively market these? What are your options?

One of the first suggestions is to make a list of 20 different ways that you can market your own brand of CBD products.

You can even start with the simple stuff. One, make a website. Two, make the social media pages you think would be most relevant for your brand’s audience. Three, get social media influencers interested in your product.

While the first 10, maybe 15, will be easy to come up with, you’ll start to need more complex ideas for how to market in order to get to a list of 20. Eventually you’ll be coming up with more wild ideas, like starting some educational sessions at the retirement centers around your home. Once you write those ideas down — and actually act on them — you’ll soon be building a big business with an optimized target audience who already knows the product is effective.

Whatever you can do to get face to face with a potential consumer, the more likely you are to get consistent, regular sales. The best way to market your CBD business in this growing industry is to provide a product faster than free shipping can. Get personal with your customers, offer them a physical location they can learn and purchase the product, and watch your brand expand further than you could’ve imagined.

Make a Smart Choice About What Products You Sell

The next question to ask is: Are your better off launching your business with your own line of branded products, or should you use an existing brand, such as Joy Organics?

full line of Joy Organics CBD products against wallYou don’t even have to rely on selling the products at an actual store. To give you an idea of just how easily you can see success, here’s a story from one of Joy Organics’ partners. She has just a kiosk in a small mall in Minnesota where she sells CBD products. She pays about $400 a month for this kiosk, but averages about $1,000 in sales every day out of that kiosk.

She started off just selling the Joy Organics brand as she was on a budget. In fact, she had only about $800 to her name. She went out, took the risk and bought a kiosk at a little mall. She bought a small amount of Joy Organics’ products and they started selling, so she slowly upped her inventory.

Then, she started transitioning, one product at a time, into her own brand. Now, most of the products she’s selling are under her own brand name, though she still has some Joy Organics products that her brand hasn’t yet branched into yet.

Grow a Face-to-Face Business Before an Online Business

There are a lot of ways you can sell CBD and a lot of ways you can benefit from the quickly growing market, but the fastest and easiest way is to meet with people face to face. If you’re unfamiliar with eCommerce or internet marketing, Todd even recommends not starting with a website.

This is because, if you start with a website, you must understand that no one is going to find it at first. Google bases its search results off an algorithm with thousands or millions of search results for any given keyword. It takes time and targeted, optimized content to rank on the first page of Google, where anyone would even be likely to see you. Likewise, the very age of the domain (your website name) could inhibit your search results. Google is not likely to rank you highly if your website is completely new.

man and woman shaking handsIf you have any local search result possibilities, that may be a potential way to get online customers, but you’re still limiting the chances greatly. Trying to compete on a national level is not a likely possibility starting out. Building an audience through a physical location and then branching out into an online community with a loyal audience helping you out along the way is recommended.

Once you’ve built a face-to-face audience through your physical location, you can build a social media community through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. By utilizing the power of digital marketing, you can have your community market your CBD business with little work on your part.

In conclusion, physical locations and face-to-face communication is the way to go for a successful CBD business. If you want more advice on how to market your CBD business or anything else related to getting started, reach out to Joy Organics for advice and potential partnership using our products.

For such a young industry, CBD products have seen a radical transformation. In the beginning, CBD tinctures were the industry standard. Eventually, capsules and topicals came into the picture. Now, the methods of using CBD products seem infinite. As the CBD industry continues to grow, more unique hemp-based items keep popping up on the market. Here is a look at some of the most unusual CBD products you’ll find out there!

Why Are There So Many Unusual CBD Products?

Anytime there’s a new craze in the health and wellness sector, everyone wants to jump on board. Once this happens, the field gets oversaturated. As a result, those within the industry try to find ways to bring the product to the next level.

Usually, it takes a long time for a niche within the health and beauty market to blow up. However, CBD products have captured the imagination of the masses. It’s like the interest in CBD products was once a match and the wellness industry threw gasoline all over the fire.  

Due to this influx of competition, many CBD companies are turning to alternative methods of using CBD. Companies are doing this in hopes of carving their own niche in an already healthy, yet still burgeoning industry.

How Companies Make Unusual CBD Products

What makes CBD so attractive to these companies is that the benefits of hemp-based products can be experienced in many ways. Our body has cannabinoid receptors in every major system and near all the essential organs.

The endocannabinoid system has an influence on everything including:

  • Skin.
  • Hunger modulation.
  • Energy consumption.
  • Emotions.
  • Mood.
  • Hormone production.
  • Stress.

Our endocannabinoid system is a chef with its hand in every pot. Its goal is to promote homeostasis throughout the body. Seeing as the endocannabinoid system is so targeted, it allows CBD companies to become more aimed with their care.

What further cements CBD as an attractive component in health and beauty products is how our endocannabinoid system is set up. With the ECS under the epidermis, in the digestive tract and throughout our system, there are many ways to introduce CBD to your body.

The CBD industry has grown on the backbone of the following products:

CBD Tinctures

CBD Tinctures are highly concentrated drops of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil. Just place a dropper full in your mouth and allow the drops to pool for 1–2 minutes.

After the time is up, swallow your CBD tincture. From there, your body will digest the cannabinoids.

CBD Softgels

CBD Softgels work like most over-the-counter supplements. You pop the capsule in your mouth and swallow. Once the softgel reaches the stomach acids, your body begins to process the solid matter.

Joy Organics CBD oil softgels laying flat on white surfaceAs the outer casing of your CBD supplement begins to oxidize, it will release phytocannabinoids into the atmosphere. This release allows CBD and friends to interact with receptors and other compounds in your body.

It’s difficult for the body to absorb an entire supplement because potent stomach acids destroy a lot of the beneficial compounds. With cannabinoid receptors in our GI tract, it’s vital that CBD bypasses the stomach acids.

That’s why we use nanoemulsion technology. Our CBD Softgels have the smallest cannabinoid particles on the market. Therefore, the benefits of CBD will be farther-reaching within your system.

CBD Topicals

Joy Organics CBD salve on rock backgroundCBD topicals are a great way to use CBD to target specific areas of the body. Perhaps you’ve just finished a tough workout and want to apply CBD to your muscles and joints or you may want to promote healthy skin on your face by using a moisturizing CBD cream.

Anyone who has sweated before knows that our body is covered with pores. These microscopic holes are a portal in and out of the system. When we rub CBD salves or balms into the system, cannabinoids can penetrate the skin.

The Most Unusual CBD Products

Now that you have a better understanding of the most popular CBD products, you are ready for the most unusual CBD products. After all, the aforementioned CBD products served as the prototype for these new CBD products to sprout up.

CBD Suppositories

With CBD Face Masks and CBD Vape Pens making their mark, a CBD suppository might not sound as chic as some of the others in the field. However, a CBD suppository is an effective way of absorbing CBD.

Vaginal and anal suppositories bypass the whole digestion process and bring CBD into the system at a port of entry close to the area where users may want to bring balance. This is especially to maintain optimum health and comfort during menstruation for women and to help those who struggle with swallowing pills or various other forms of CBD.

With the instant access provided by these parts of the body, you may feel the effects within 10 to 15 minutes and up to eight hours.

CBD Toothpaste

blue toothpaste on toothbrush with green and blue bristlesThe idea of CBD toothpaste might seem a bit far-fetched, but hear us out. Many DIY kinds of toothpaste get crafted with peppermint, spearmint and/or tea tree essential oils. Essential oils are the aromatic chemicals that come from plants. Cannabinoids work with these chemicals, known as terpenes, in what’s known as the entourage effect.

Therefore, CBD toothpaste could be a great way to boost your oral care and freshen breath.

If available, purchase a CBD toothpaste formulated with high-grade essential oils. Research indicates that terpenes have a synergetic effect on one another. Therefore, the cannabinoids from CBD and terpenes in the essential oil will go the extra mile in cleaning up that smile. However, it’s a good idea to speak with your dentist about using CBD toothpaste as it is such a new and unusual product!

CBD Sugar

Need to give your CBD toothpaste a workout? Pair it up with Azuca’s CBD Sugar. Azuca formulated a line of artificial sweeteners that allows your body to absorb CBD quicker than traditional digestion methods.

Through Azuca, you can purchase CBD sugar in varieties that include:

  • Chocolate discs.
  • Granulated sugar.
  • Sugar and Stevia syrup.

Each serving is 25mg of CBD and is water-soluble, so it mixes with anything. With Azuca products, you can sweeten your coffee, baked goods or fruit salad with a touch of CBD.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

olive oil being poured into clear bowl with olives around itAs you can tell, foodies are having a field day with CBD. Why not mix it with the most commonly used household item? That’s precisely what Plant People did with their CBD EVOO.

One word to the wise — don’t use this to cook at too high of temperatures. Many cannabinoids start to burn off above 300° F, so you might lose the valuable benefits.

Not to mention, extra-virgin olive oil has a smoke point of around 400° F. At this point, the molecules become chemically altered, exhibiting carcinogenic tendencies. 

CBD Bitters

Upset? Restless? Don’t get bitter. Get CBD bitters. Bitters are a great way to give your beverage a nuanced flavor. They bring a sense of class and sophistication to your beverage, making the hard work you did all day feel that much more rewarding. Unwind even more by giving your stiff drink a drop of CBD bitters.

Mountain Elixirs made a line of CBD bitters crafted to complement:

  • Whiskey.
  • Bourbon.
  • Gin.
  • Tequila.
  • Tea.
  • Bubble water.

While the mixers seem endless, prepare to be blown away by the number of options Mountain Elixirs gives you for CBD bitters:

  • Natural.
  • Orange.
  • Lavender.
  • Aromatic.
  • Cherry bourbon.

Mix and match to your own delight as you melt your stress away on your couch…or in a nice, hot bath.

CBD Pet Products

CBD was such a controversial topic for two-legged creatures that many don’t think to provide cannabis care to their four-legged loved ones. Our pets have a system that isn’t much different from our own.

They, too, have an endocannabinoid system that oversees their wellness. Therefore, our pets also have the same receptors and compounds working throughout their bodies.

CBD Pet Products often come in two forms:

CBD Dog Treats are an easy way to introduce CBD into your pet’s wellness regimen. They already associate getting a treat with a reward. They will feel even more rewarded when that treat has a serving of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil in it!

For larger animals, a pet treat might not be sufficient. CBD Pet Tinctures allow you to control the serving your pet needs. If you are having trouble dropping the tincture directly into your animal’s mouth, then soak a treat in the tincture or put it on your pet’s food. Like we said, it’s hard for a fur baby to resist a delicious treat!

The Growing World of Unusual CBD Products

As you can see, we covered a lot of ground in the ever-growing world of CBD products. While we discussed some unusual methods of using CBD (shoutout to suppositories), they all seem to be effective.

What’s so great about CBD is that you just need to find how supplementing is right for you. Learn more about CBD products with our Ultimate Guide to CBD Oil.

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